How to do Gozo in one day

My brother had a short time in Malta when visiting me and one of must-do was to go and see the island of Gozo. The goal was to get to Gozo before noon, rent a car, do some sightseeing and leave around 7-8PM.

I have been to Gozo before and already knew where to go. If you’re going to the island for the first time make sure you have GPS or a map. You can buy map on the ferry.

Due to some problems on the way to the ferry terminal on Malta side we managed to get to the island only after 2PM. Saying this, we still managed to see everything we had planned.

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First stop after the terminal where we got our car was the capital of the island – Victoria. There is a free parking lot behind the main mall “The Duke”. It is just off the main city road. Ask around your use your GPS/map to locate it. It is very convenient to drop your car there. The city is small and main attractions are 5 minutes away on foot.

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MUSE 2nd Law Open-air Concert in Turin

MUSE 2nd Law Open-air Concert in Turin

World famous band MUSE will be giving two concerts on the open-air stage at Stadio Olimpico in Turin, Italy. Dates of concerts are as follows 28th of June (tickets are sold out!) and 29th of June. There are still some tickets available for the performance on the 29th of June.

Location of the Stadio Olimpico is Corso Sebastopoli, 115, 10136, Turin.

Show starts at 20:45 on both dates. Ticket prices are: 49 EUR, 54 EUR, 66 EUR, 71 EUR and they can be bought online at this site.

It is possible to get to Turin from many European cities with Ryanair or Easyjet. Prices for plane tickets are still very affordable and Ryanair is running a campaign this month with tickets starting at 22 EUR.

You can check for any additioanl information on the official website of the band.

MUSE 2nd Law official album cover

MUSE 2nd Law official album cover

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When is the best time to rent in Malta?

For those of you who are planning to move to Malta due to work or study reasons want to know when the best time to rent on the island is. This is mainly question of the price. If cost of rent is not something that you are taking into account then you can skip this post.

Storm in Malta, December 2012

Storm in Malta, December 2012

Answer is quite straight forward – the best (read – cheapest) time to start renting in Malta is during Maltese winter. January and February are probably the best months to find a good place. These are the coldest months on the island and tourists are rare. Another thing is that popular English schools are having their low-season.

The minimum long-term rent is 6 months, if you need a place for less than that then the rent will go up. Great thing about looking for a place during the low-season is not only the price but also the number of great flats you can chose from.

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Spotify in Estonia

Quick update for those who live in Estonia, love Spotify but could not use it due to the fact that service was not available officially in Eesti. As of middle of April 2013 Spotify has entered Estonian market. Now, going to spotify.com from any place in Estonia you will be able to register and download the setup file as well as buy Unlimited or Premium subscriptions.

Another good news is that the cost of both Unlimited and Premium is lower than lets say in Sweden or UK. For unlimited, which offers no ads, good quality of music you will pay 3.59 EUR per month and for Premium which in addition to no advertisement and good quality will offer you to use software on your mobile and tablet as well as to keep some music that you want in off-line mode is 6.99 EUR.

In comparison, for same subscription in Sweden you would pay 5 to 10 EUR.

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Insider’s guide to cost of living in Malta

Costs were updated on 10.11.2013

When I first tried to find a good resource of information on cost of living in Malta I realized after few hours of search that there are at least 10 different sites and dozens of forums where people with different incomes describe how cheap or how expensive it is to live on The Rock. Of course, when planning to move to Malta such diverse information can add additional stress.

What I want to do in this post is to put all the most important information together regarding the costs of living in Malta. I will cover cost of rent in Malta, utilities and other bills, food and going out, prices for clothes as well as public transportation and taxi prices.

Typical street in Sliema, Malta

Typical street in Sliema, Malta

Rent in Malta

No matter that Malta is only 300 square kilometers the cost of rent will drastically vary depending on in which city you live, do you have a sea-view and how cool the flat or house is.

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Small Boat in Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk Malta

Marsaxlokk in December 2012

My first trip to Marsaxlokk, a small town on the south of the island of Malta where the famous Sunday fish market is held, was in the beginning of December. Weather was good, it was warm for a long-sleeve shirt. This photo was taken using Canon 7D with 17-40 4.0 wide angle lens. ISO 200 if I am not mistaken.

On that day I got very lucky with the weather and especially with clouds just before the sunset.

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Review: Villa Ammende in Parnu, Estonia

A month before my trip back to Estonia for Christmas holidays I bought a voucher for one night at the Ammende Villa located in the “summer capital” of Estonia, the city of Parnu.

The voucher offer was very simple and basic; it included obviously 1 night in the suite on the top 3rd floor of the house, sparkling wine in the room and breakfast next morning served downstairs in a very nice big hall.

Villa Ammende has a rich history dating back to 1904, when of the richest merchants of the city, Hermann Ammende, decided to build this house. Initially he was looking for an already existing building for his daughter’s wedding but could not find one, so, as many rich people do, he decided to invest lots of money and build a house.

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Insider’s Guide to Malta

I’ve been living in Malta for a bit over 6 months now. For a local living here 6 months is nothing and most will say that you don’t have enough of experience to come up with a guide. For others, mostly tourists who come to Malta for a week or students who study here for few months, can be still very beneficial to have a list of things compiled by a “long-term tourist”.

Upper Barakka Gardens

There are websites suggesting from Top 10 things to do up to Top 100. It might be difficult to decide what top pick out of the list, what to skip and so on. In this short insider’s guide you will find a list of places and activities with short explanations and some additional info. OK, so let’s start.

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Most expensive hotel in Japan

Japan is famous for many things: its culture, its innovative approach to everything related to technology, its crazy fashion and its high prices especially on accommodation.

Credits: Ritz-Carlton Japan

Tokyo being one of the most expensive cities on the planet can offer you a relaxing night or two at the most expensive Suite at Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The thing is that comparing to many other most expensive hotel rooms in the world Ritz in Japan will not offer you anything extra ordinary.

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Top 3 hostels in Paris

“To see Paris and die” as Ilya Ehrenburg said for the first time in his book “My Paris” (1931). French capital being famous for its architecture, food, history, museums and art galleries attracts hundreds thousands of tourists each year.

Credits: saxman772(flickr)

As any other “world capital” Paris can get expensive. In 2012 Paris was rated as one of the most expensive cities in Europe. In case if you are a 5 star traveler it should not be a problem for you to find a suitable hotel to stay. For example one of the most expensive hotel rooms you can get is in Paris. The Royal Suite on the 5th floor of The Plaza Athenee will cost you around 26000 USD per night.

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