Tallinn Cheat Sheet: moving, living and studying in Tallinn

This article is written specially for those who are planning to move over to Tallinn, Estonia to live, study or to stay for any other cool reason for a long period of time. I have tried to gather lots of information that might be helpful for a first time visitor or for those who got lost in our small city.

Credits: Alex Polezhaev (flickr)

Information in this post is divided into several sub-paragraphs such as registering in Tallinn, districts of Tallinn, Tallinn public transport, renting in Tallinn, shopping and groceries, saving money in Tallinn, online shops in Estonia, going out in Tallinn and so on and so forth.

I hope this article will be also interesting for those who have been living in Tallinn for some time and maybe also for locals. If you have something to add or you do not agree with some parts of Tallinn Cheat Sheet please, leave a comment. Your feedback is very important!

NB! Some parts of the article were updated on 31st of August, 2012.

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Tallinn taxi tips and tricks

If you come to Tallinn, Estonia for a short stay and planning to use a taxi or two, then I want to give you some tips before you do it. As local I have figured which taxi company to use long time ago but for a tourist it can be a bit of a hustle. Tallinn has over 20 different taxi companies plus self-employed taxi drivers that own a taxi-company of one person.

In Tallinn taxi companies can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • Affordable Tallinn taxi
  • Taxi that accept credit/debit card payments (more expensive)
  • Rip-Off Tallinn taxi companies especially for tourists

At some places in Tallinn City center, such as Airport, Port, at some shops such as Kaubamaja, several big hotels for example Tallink Hotel (same company as Tallink Ferry), Viru Hotel, etc there is an agreement between hotel and specific taxi company or companies. Which means that only 1 or 2 taxi companies can stand there.


Tip: Good thing to know; although there is a monopoly at such places when it comes to taxi company that can stand there and wait any taxi company can come if car was ordered on the phone. Which means that you can call any taxi (read – affordable) and order car to any place in Tallinn. If you order a taxi please, try not to be late or taxi driver can be asked to leave the “monopoly” zone.

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