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Review: Way Hostel in center of Madrid, Spain

On my recent trip to Madrid for MUSE concert I stayed at Way Hostel for 3 nights. Location of this hostel is very good. It is close to all main touristic attractions. The entrance is from small quite street, so you avoid most of the street noise. Most but not all, as this hostel is big be prepared that people can stay up late and party, so you still get some noise.

Way hostel is located on Calle Relatores  17; the closest metro is Tirso de Molina and it is 1 minute walk from the hostel, very convenient.

Around the hostel you will find several quite affordable bars and dining places. Right behind the corner is LIDL. Way hostel has a small bar with cheap beer and cider.

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Review: Dave and Jenny Bed & Breakfast, Gozo, Malta

Gozo is a sister island of Malta, 3 times smaller and has only about 30 000 people living on the whole island. To compare, Malta island has around 400 000 people. Gozo is a place where you can escape the crowds, enjoy the empty roads and quiet town streets and amazing views and places that Gozo offers to its visitors.

This is exactly what me and my girlfriend wanted to do; get out of intense Malta and have a short break. We decided to stay in small town Qala at “David & Jenny’s Bed and Breakfast”. Bed and Breakfast is in a common Maltese townhouse made out of thick limestone bricks to keep the cool air inside during hot and dry summers. Another great thing about the townhouse is noise isolation. All together we had a very good sleep both nights; cool and quiet room.

Dave met us at the Ferry harbor and drove to the place. With a car it takes maximum 5-7 minutes to get there. First thing I noticed entering the house is how cool it was inside. It was August, the hottest month and temperature outside was reaching +38 degrees Celsius.

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Review: Jan’s apartment, lovely B&B in Amsterdam

It has been a while since the time I’d decided to write a review of Jan’s apartment – a small, one room bed and breakfast in Amsterdam. Don’t let the size of the flat or that Jan does have a website for his B&B scare you off. Me and my GF risked it and were positively surprised by the coziness of the place, friendliness of the host and convenience of location of Jan’s apartment.

If you are reading this review then you most probably are in the same situation I were back in August 2011, when I decided to go to Amsterdam and soon found out that hotels are expensive and all B&B’s are fully booked for September, this is how I stumbled upon Jan’s place.

By chance I found one bed and breakfast, which also had simple page on their website mentioning that in case if they are fully booked owners know a friendly host who has a room for short-lets. I wrote to B&B owners asking if Jan’s apartment is available on the dates I bought my plane tickets. Luckily it was. Jan got in contact with me by email, we agreed on the price (it was around 60 EUR per night per room for 2 people, which is very good price for Amsterdam standards), time to pick up the keys and some other small things.


Tip: Usual time to pick up the keys, meet Jan and drop your bags is after he finishes his job, around 5pm, but ask if he can do it earlier in case you have morning flight, sometimes he can do that.

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Review: Guangdong Guest House, Hong Kong

Guangdong Guest House, which is located in the famous backpacker’s mecca – Chungking Mansions, is the place to stay if you are looking for great location in Hong Kong with a budget price. Actually, Chungking Mansions are known as nearly the cheapest place to stay in with walking distance to all attractions in Hong Kong.

With its bizarre look and inside structure in can be compared to Kowloon Walled City (Call of Duty fans will love).

This place is worth a visit!

Guangdong Guest House is located on the 5th floor of one of four 17 stories building that together make Chungking Mansions. There is another hostel on that floor which also belongs to Simon, the host of Guangdong.

Simon is a great host. He helped me with my heavy bags, kept it in his room for several hours (we arrived early) and suggested place to visit and to buy tea. He also agreed to change our room when we felt a bad smell from some kitchen next to our “window”.

Be prepared to experience one of the smallest hostel rooms you have ever stayed in. This is very common for Hong Kong due to the cost of the land. Although the size of the room is very small it is also very logical and well thought through.

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