Day trip to Blue Lagoon in June, Malta

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When it comes to common tourist question – “What to see in Malta?” Blue Lagoon is most probably on the top of the list. For sure, Blue Lagoon on Comino Island is a touristic place, but it is one of those places that you need to see if you are in Malta.

View of Blue Lagoon and Cominotto Island

There are several cruise companies operating from Malta and Gozo islands and probably dozen or resellers around touristic areas selling packages from simple boat ride directly to the place to day trip on catamaran with lunch and wine as well as party included on the boat. Prices vary from 20 EUR to 50 EUR depending on what is included in the cruise.

Our goal was to get to Blue Lagoon and to do it as fast as possible and save money. Before I continue about the lagoon itself and how cool this place is I want to mention that most of the things expensive boat cruise offer you really do not need or can buy on the spot.

Here are two things that 40 EUR cruise to Comino includes:

Cold snacks and local wine included in the price (other drinks are not included).

Trip to Blue Lagoon is quite short and will take up to 90 minutes if the boat is big and slow, in most cases it is faster. Food and drinks you can get on the spot from several small shops with normal prices. Your goal is to get to lagoon before the tourist crowd and to do that you need to be there at 11AM or before.

Boat stays for the whole time inside the Blue Lagoon and you can use all the facilities.

You do not need the boat there at all. First of all, to get a better place you need to walk further up the rocky coast of the lagoon, which means further away from the boat. Second – boats cannot stay close to where people swim and enjoy as it is forbidden to preserve the place. If you stick to the boat you will stick to the crowd of people. 

And third – if you think you can use the boat to get a better place with more space think again as there will be at least 50 more people trying to do the same.

We went for a cruise company called Luzzu Cruises, they have few simple boats and you can easily find them on the strand of Sliema, Sliema Ferries. I’m not saying they are the ones you should go with it is just they have good price/quality ratio as I think. We paid 15 EUR as we bought tickets two days in advance and left 50% deposit. Usual price is 20 EUR.

  • Boat in Blue Lagoon
  • Blue Lagoon and Cominotto island
  • Caves on the way to Blue Lagoon
  • Caves on the way to Blue Lagoon
  • Caves on the way to Blue Lagoon
  • Caves on the way to Blue Lagoon
  • Caves on the way to Blue Lagoon
  • Caves on the way to Blue Lagoon
  • Blue Lagoon, Malta
  • Blue Lagoon, Malta
  • Blue Lagoon, Malta
  • Blue Lagoon, Malta
  • Blue Lagoon, Malta
  • Blue Lagoon, Malta
  • Blue Lagoon, Malta

Boat leaves the strand at 10AM; you should be there 30 minutes before departure. We had simple speed-boat that accommodated around 15 people in total. Great bonus about this trip is that on the way to Blue Lagoon we stopped at several caves along the cost of Malta Island. As the boat is small we could “drive” into some caves to take pictures and enjoy amazing views of rocks and light-blue, transparent water.

We arrived to lagoon at 11AM. All boats drop off people at the same spot. This is due to that boats are not allowed to go into lagoon which is for sure a great thing! Boat left us and agreed to pick us up at 4 PM sharp.

There were already some people on the island but not yet crowded. We went to find a spot under the sun with some more privacy.

Blue Lagoon, Malta - view from Cominotto

Blue Lagoon, Malta

There are only a few spots with sand and they are full of people so my advice would be to take a place on the rocks. Sunbeds or better to say sun-chairs are 4 EUR each, umbrella is another 4 EUR. You can share one for two people or skip umbrella and just take a swim more often as we did.

Island of Comino is quite small, there is one hotel which is opened during the summer season, a watch-tower and probably that is it. There is not much you can do except swimming in crystal clear water and enjoy great views of this amazing lagoon.

On the other side of Comino, right across lagoon is a smaller island called Cominotto. You can walk there but be careful as there are some stones under the water so you can fall down with all your belongings getting wet. It is a short walk; just follow the line of people.

On Cominotto you can go into a cave that ends with a small crack to the other side of the island or you can climb this small island and enjoy stunning views of Blue Lagoon and the whole island from the top.

On Comino where all boats go you will find several bars where you can get something to eat and drink. Prices are OK, pint of local beer is 2,50 to 3 EUR. Take some food with you to save some money.


 Tip: make sure you come early at least not later than 11am to take good spot as it gets crowded by 2pm.

To put everything together: we paid 15 EUR per person for the boat to Blue Lagoon and visit to caves and 4 EUR per person for sun-bed. We did not spend any on food as we made some sandwiches at home as well as water which we brought with us. Total was 19 EUR + beer instead of 40 EUR. For 21 EUR you can have a lot of beer and food on the spot.

Some things you should definitely take with you when you go to blue lagoon:

  • Sun cream with high protection (UV) and use it often
  • Bottle of water
  • Sun-glasses
  • Snorkeling gear if you have

Have a great day at Blue Lagoon, this place definitely worth your day if you are in Malta!

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  1. carris

    Comino and the Blue lagoon is a beautiful place in the Malta.This island isn’t very big though and it does get pretty crowded with all the different boats turning up, but it is really worth it as the scenery is breath taking and the sea is crystal clear.

  2. Julia

    Hi! Thank u very much for the tips, now I have an idea how to get there and organize everything.Top!

    • dp

      You are very welcome, Julia :)

  3. Gordon

    thanks for some great tips we will make sure we follow your tips.

  4. alli

    great info thanks, I’m off to Malta in a week, thanks for the advice.

  5. Dan

    Omg what a waste of money that was!


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