Garbage disposal system on Malta

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For a rookie who moves down to Malta from any part of Europe, especially northern part some things, processes and ways might be different and sometimes a bit strange.

I have moved down to Malta from Estonia in the beginning of May. I have had some travel experience before and was prepared that things might work differently here than elsewhere. One of such things is how you dispose of garbage in Malta.

For some readers this might be an obvious thing but for me it was different from what I have used to back in Estonia. I took me 3 weeks to understand for 100% how garbage system works and I want to share this knowledge with you.

I live in Sliema, one of the cities of Malta Island. Here as well as in other parts on the island garbage is left outside the door of your house, next to the road to be later picked up by local service.

Garbage must be separated. Plastic and aluminum bottle and cans together with paper and glass must go into one bag and all other leftovers into another. Make sure you remove all food leftovers from plastic containers before putting it inside the recycling waste.

You can use only specific bio plastic bags for recycling waste which are sold in most of shops around Malta and is probably sold in the nearest to you shop. They are gray bags with instructions written on then and cost a bit less than one EUR for a roll.

If you put recycling waste into any other plastic bag and leave it outside it will not be picked up. This has happened to me.

In my place and I’m sure in other places across Malta plastic bags with recycling waste are picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays only. If you leave usual garbage at these days it will not be taken away. Please make sure you are doing it right.

What might happen is that your bio garbage stays for the whole day on the sun spreading bad smell across the street where you live. Another thing is that you can find your trash everywhere on your street thanks to local cats.

Usual time when garbage is picked up is before 9 30 in the morning.

For usual garbage you have Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Sunday is a day off.

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  1. John Michael Cundy

    Thanks for the info as we are moving to live there.


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