One day of rock climbing in Malta

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I did my first rock climbing in Malta in very beginning of June 2012. A colleague from my work offered to try it out and have a different start of the weekend. It was a great experience, fun and good exercise.

There were 3 of us going for rock climbing. Instructor picked us up in Sliema (one of the districts/cities of Malta) at 8 30am. In Malta everything is quite close if you have a car. It took us around 30 minutes to get to the place. On the way to Ghar Lapsi, which is a small rocky inlet close to Blue Grotto (south of the Malta island), we stopped to enjoy a great view of a small bay with amazing rocky cliffs and natural stone arch.

After a short card ride, a few stops on the way to pick some stuff up and a walk uphill to the place of our clime we dropped our bags at around 10am.


Tip: Although you are provided with everything you need to do proper rock climbing including special shoes I strongly advise you not to wear flip-flops or loose sandals as uphill “road” that leads to the starting point in Ghar Lapsi is not for such shoes.

After we were done with figuring out how to put the gear we followed with approx. 40 minutes briefing on safety requirements on which our instructor (a very good and experienced guy) showed us how to use our equipment, what to do in case of a fall or slip and how to belay your partner while he or she is climbing up. He also showed how safety works and what happens in case of a slip from the wall.

Then the climbing had begun. Instructor, being belayed by one of us went up the rocky wall to fix main secure rope. We were climbing one by one all the time belayed by our instructor from the flat ground next to the place where we set a “camp”. We did 3 climbs each on the same rock but from 3 different sides so each climb was very different from another.

First climb was fairly easy to get to know how gear works and to get advice and support from instructor. Out of 3 climbs I enjoyed most the second one. It was an easier route but at the same time it followed a long crack in the rock which I could use to grip and balance. At the same time 2nd climb had few hard parts where I had to outreach or almost jump on a vertical wall to grab next small whole in the rock.

We finished climbing at 3pm, packed our stuff and went down the hill towards instructor’s car. He drove us back to Sliema and dropped off at the place we asked. All in all it was a very nice Saturday trip and unusual weekend activity in Malta. I definitely recommend trying out rock climbing if you are in Malta.

Some practical information: the cost of one day rock climbing which includes return transportation, gear and instructor is 45 EUR per person. I won’t recommend more than 4 people as then it might take too long.

What to wear:

  • Light shorts, not too long
  • Light T-shirt
  • Sport sunglasses (I got one for 5 EUR from the closest souvenir shop)
  • Proper shoes or sneakers, no flip-flops!

What to take with you:

  • Big bottle of water
  • Something to eat, some bread, fruits, nuts
  • Sun protective cream (a must!)
  • Extra pair of socks in case you will use them with rock climbing shoes
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3 Responses to One day of rock climbing in Malta

  1. Max


    thanks for your post! Do you remember who you did it with, any contact details? as i’d quite like to find out about doing it this weekend.

    Many thanks, Max

    • dp

      Hi Max,

      We did our climbing with these guys –, good luck!

  2. Max

    Thank you!! :)


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