NEMO science and technology center in Amsterdam

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Science center NEMO, located not too far from the central train station in Amsterdam is a good place to visit if you are with kinds. Most of attractions in NEMO are focused on children, adults and teenagers will have little to do here.

We have visited NEMO for two reasons: first is that it was included in our Amsterdam card with a free entry and second reason is that weather was quite bad and we had nothing to do as it was our last day in Amsterdam.

You can get to the place quite easily using several busses that stop quite close to central station, just check any map before going.

NEMO technology center is famous for its architecture which is a green and dramatic copper building located just next to the sea. Inside you will find several floors of technological attractions some of which you can interact with, also a good café which is reasonably prices (reasonably to standards of Amsterdam).

NEMO science center, Amsterdam

Before writing this small overview of NEMO science center I have look at what other visitors wrote about this place and was a bit surprised that some people said they have spent 4-6 hours in this place. Yes, it is big and if the weather is good you can sit outside on the café.

I have spent around an hour and that was enough. In case if you are with kids you should be prepared for a longer stay as small ones will get into all those things with touching and trying out.

There is a similar science center not too far from Helsinki, Finland called “EUREKA” and that place comparing to NEMO is way more interesting for grownups and teenagers.

Overall NEMO is worth a visit if you are with kinds or if you have I am Amsterdam card and have nothing else to do.

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  1. Yuji

    I stayed for a day in Amsterdam came there in the moirng and left in the evening. We had canal cruise and that was great, really great :) . And then we spend some time in the diamonds museum and later just walked through the old town to see what these red lights look like and stuff. :) I can say that this diamonds museum was NOTHING interesting, really nothing :) . But i guess there are other better, but in my opinion it’s better to spend this time in the city itself, not in museum, if, of course, you aren’t a real muesum-lover :)

    • Sumki

      Hey! Thanks for the tip! We’re going to Amsterdam mainly buescae my sister’s been dying to see it, but I’m a big fan of great views and a relaxing atmosphere. I’ll have to check out the library (and the hot chocolate Mmm)! I’ll make sure to give you a blog shout-out if I end up seeing it! xoxo, S


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