AutoNOMOS; ride without a driver in the city of Berlin

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Raul Rojas, professor of Artificial Intelligence at Freie University of Berlin has finally got an approval to test his AutoNOMOS Volkswagen on streets of Berlin.

This amazing car tracks its position on the road using lasers, radars, cameras and GPS technology. “This is the car of our near future, car that you don’t need to control, something like taxi. You don’t even need to own it, park it or own a garage” – says Raul.

Such technology can solve the problem of traffic jams and narrow streets due to parked cars on both sides which is a problem not only for Berlin but also for many other European cities. It is possible to provide all needed transportation that Berlin needs using automated taxi cars with 10% of all cars in the city.

AutoNOMOS project is several years old but only now it was finally possible to have  test-drive on the real street among real cars. Due to legislation car still had to have a driver sitting behind the wheel prepared to act if something would go wrong. For this drive the car was insured for 100 million EUR!

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