Most expensive hotel in New York City

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In case if you are looking for a nice place to stay in NYC for a week or two I have a suggestion for you – Try Warner Penthouse Suite at Four Seasons Hotel. One night in this suite will cost you just a bit over 41 000 US (41, 836 to be exact). You should have enough space for your luggage as this room is around 400 square meters.

Credits: Official Site Ty Warner Penthouse Suite

Decent view is guaranteed – you will see the Manhattan skyline out of any window of this place. For some reason they also have Zen garden inside this room, don’t know if that is a good idea though. You will be equipped with personal butler and personal therapist. Breakfast included.

For many travelers bathroom is very important. It is very important that it is clean and big enough. Well, at this most expensive suite in New York City your bathroom is full marble bathroom, sinks are crystal. Unfortunately there was not enough space to fit infinity pool so you get infinity bathtub and a balcony with a view of Central Park as a bonus.

Ty Warner Penthouse covers the whole floor of the hotel, so no one will bother you enjoying your time at the most expensive hotel in NYC.

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  1. der van dercamp

    what kind of dumb shit would pay 41000 to
    stay anywhere?

  2. der van dercamp

    no way!!!

  3. der van dercamp

    What is that a full year stay?


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