How to do Gozo in one day

My brother had a short time in Malta when visiting me and one of must-do was to go and see the island of Gozo. The goal was to get to Gozo before noon, rent a car, do some sightseeing and leave Continue reading

When is the best time to rent in Malta?

For those of you who are planning to move to Malta due to work or study reasons want to know when the best time to rent on the island is. This is mainly question of the price. If cost of rent Continue reading

Insider’s guide to cost of living in Malta

Costs were updated on 10.11.2013 When I first tried to find a good resource of information on cost of living in Malta I realized after few hours of search that there are at least 10 different sites and dozens of forums where Continue reading

Insider’s Guide to Malta

I’ve been living in Malta for a bit over 6 months now. For a local living here 6 months is nothing and most will say that you don’t have enough of experience to come up with a guide. For others, mostly Continue reading

Metro in Madrid, how does it work?

Madrid’s metro is one of the biggest in Europe and at the same time very simple (user friendly) and convenient. Using metro in Madrid will save you lots of time as well as money as it cheapest option to move around Continue reading

Review: Way Hostel in center of Madrid, Spain

On my recent trip to Madrid for MUSE concert I stayed at Way Hostel for 3 nights. Location of this hostel is very good. It is close to all main touristic attractions. The entrance is from small quite street, so you avoid most of the street noise. Most but not all, as this hostel is big be prepared that people can stay up late and party, so you still get some noise.

Way hostel is located on Calle Relatores  17; the closest metro is Tirso de Molina and it is 1 minute walk from the hostel, very convenient.

Around the hostel you will find several quite affordable bars and dining places. Right behind the corner is LIDL. Way hostel has a small bar with cheap beer and cider.

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Falconry Center in Malta

One of the few things which we had left on our To-Do list was visiting Falconry Center in Malta. We did not manage to do it during the summer instead arranged this short trip in October.

Malta falcon center, October 2012

Good thing to visit falcon center in October as it is not that hot and it is opened until 3pm. During the summer season (up until 31st of September) they close at 12 30pm. Also, in winter season they have 2 shows with birds instead of one when it is hot.

The falconry center is located about 10 minute walk from a town called Siggiewi. Probably the best way to get here if you are located in Valletta, Sliema, St Julians or Gzira is to go to Valletta bus station and take a bus from there. To get to Valletta is easy, busses 12, 13, 14 all go there. From there it is better that you ask at the info desk for the correct bus to Siggiewi.

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Breaking Bad TV series soundtrack (OST)

Fans of the Breaking Bad TV series will find this post very useful. I have been gathering songs from famous TV show for over a year now. If you have Spotify then just click this link here.

Breaking Bad TV Series Soundtrack

So far I have 95% of all tracks in Spotify playlist; those that are missing are not yet available for Spotify users.  In case if you do not have Spotify but still want to get the list of songs worry no more! Below you will find all 89 (and counting) tracks:

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Wine tasting in Gozo, Malta

On our 2 day car trip to Gozo in August we decided to try out wine tasting. After doing some search we contacted Anthony, the owner of Tal-Massar Winery on the north of the island. We agreed on the date and time.

Anthony met us next to Crafts Village in Gozo and showed us the way to his vineyard. Besides us two there were 5 other people joining the session.

Anthony started with showing us his vineyard, telling the history of it and his family business as well as the process of growing grapes, type of grapes he uses for his wine and many other interesting facts about wine making in Malta.

After we proceed to his nice terrace which gives great views of the north part of the Island, the coast and surrounding lands. There Anthony brought several bottle of his wines and continued with the story behind every bottle, how it is made and how wine should be tasted correctly.

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Review: Three Sisters Hotel, Tallinn

Hotel Three Sisters is located in the Old Town in Tallinn city center. All the Old Town points of interests are walking distance from the hotel.

Three Sisters is five star hotel; it received World Luxury Hotel award in 2010, so be prepared to pay 200+ EUR for a standard room. The history of the building dates back to 1362 when it was a house of merchant. There are a total of 23 rooms and suites. As their website says; all rooms are in their original size since 13th century. Many famous people have stayed at Three Sisters.

I have stayed at this hotel for 1 night in a suite under the roof on the top floor of the hotel. I must say that I got a very good offer, normal price of the room I had is around 350-500 EUR a night. Of course, I did not pay even close to that amount.

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2 days car trip to Gozo, Malta

I am an expat living and working and Malta. I moved over to Malta in the end of April 2012 and settled down in Sliema. During the summer months I and my GF were exploring islands. In the very beginning of August we went to Gozo, a sister island of Malta.

Gozo is 1/3 size of Malta but at the same time the density of people is at least 10 times less and it is a great place to escape from traffic jams, crowds of people and noisy tourists. There are two ways to see Gozo. One, of you are here for a short vacation and it is your first time in Malta, then a good option for you is to take a daily jeep tour to the island. For around 20 EUR per person you will be picked up from you hotel, brought to Cirkewwa (where the Ferry Terminal is) and then picked up in Gozo by a jeep.

Within 4-5 hours you will be driven around the island to explore its main tourist attractions. After that some tours also include a trip to Blue Lagoon for a few hours and then back to your hotel. Usually the ferry ticket is paid separately and its price is around 5 EUR return per person. Such tours are available basically anywhere in the tourist areas, no problem to find one for you and they are pretty similar too.

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MUSE is giving 2 concerts in London this October

MUSE, famous English rock band is releasing its new album “2nd Law” this October. Together with the new album the band starts its European tour. As I wrote few weeks ago here, MUSE will perform in many capitals around Europe, they had also done presale of limited number of tickets on their official website when the lucky ones (or better to say – fastest ones) could get their tickets few days before the official open sale date.

MUSE 2nd Law official album cover

MUSE is famous for its extravagant stage performance as well as fusion of many genders of music starting from alternative rock which I think is their main gender to space rock and classical music. One of the best performance no doubt will be done in London. This year they give 2 concerts in English capital, one of the 26th of October following one on the 27th.

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Most expensive hotel in France

Surprisingly (or maybe not) the most expensive hotel suite in France is located not in its capital – Paris, but in Cannes, which apparently at some point can be even more expensive than the most expensive city in Europe – Paris.

Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez

Cannes is famous for its movie festival, amazing sea-views and restaurants. So, in case you are tired of your private yacht and finally want a bigger size bed make sure you stop in Cannes at Hotel Martinez in its Penthouse suite apartment.

Penthouse at Martinez is around 450 square meters, has 2 bedrooms in case you bring your mother in law, two bathrooms, a shower room and a private SPA bath with sauna. As you want to keep a close eye on your yacht parked outside the hotel there is a 190 square meter terrace from which you can also enjoy view to the Bay of Cannes. Your private butler makes sure you have fast internet connection (free of charge), plasma TV and fax.

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Review: Dave and Jenny Bed & Breakfast, Gozo, Malta

Gozo is a sister island of Malta, 3 times smaller and has only about 30 000 people living on the whole island. To compare, Malta island has around 400 000 people. Gozo is a place where you can escape the crowds, enjoy the empty roads and quiet town streets and amazing views and places that Gozo offers to its visitors.

This is exactly what me and my girlfriend wanted to do; get out of intense Malta and have a short break. We decided to stay in small town Qala at “David & Jenny’s Bed and Breakfast”. Bed and Breakfast is in a common Maltese townhouse made out of thick limestone bricks to keep the cool air inside during hot and dry summers. Another great thing about the townhouse is noise isolation. All together we had a very good sleep both nights; cool and quiet room.

Dave met us at the Ferry harbor and drove to the place. With a car it takes maximum 5-7 minutes to get there. First thing I noticed entering the house is how cool it was inside. It was August, the hottest month and temperature outside was reaching +38 degrees Celsius.

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TOP diving sites in Egypt

“Visit Egypt and see the great Pyramids of Giza” – this should be one of the points in your bucket’s list. Egypt is of course first of all known for its pyramids and the Valley of Kings, the Nile, the minarets. Very important thing to know is that Egypt is much more than just its main attractions listed above.

Cairo is famous for its medieval core, preserved in its original condition since the days of founding Islam. Traveling west you will end up in the “ocean of sand” – the great Sahara desert. In the south traveler will find geometrically imposing temples as well as Nile, which is best explored on felucca, Egyptian boat.

Besides cultural side of Egypt there is more for leisure tourism. Several major cities, such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurgada are mecca for those seeking for beaches, all inclusive 5-star (or lower, Egypt is affordable for everyone) hotels, crystal clear water and intense nightlife. This country is very efficient when it comes to tourism and has packages for any will and basically any budget.

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