How to do Gozo in one day

My brother had a short time in Malta when visiting me and one of must-do was to go and see the island of Gozo. The goal was to get to Gozo before noon, rent a car, do some sightseeing and leave Continue reading

When is the best time to rent in Malta?

For those of you who are planning to move to Malta due to work or study reasons want to know when the best time to rent on the island is. This is mainly question of the price. If cost of rent Continue reading

Insider’s guide to cost of living in Malta

Costs were updated on 10.11.2013 When I first tried to find a good resource of information on cost of living in Malta I realized after few hours of search that there are at least 10 different sites and dozens of forums where Continue reading

Insider’s Guide to Malta

I’ve been living in Malta for a bit over 6 months now. For a local living here 6 months is nothing and most will say that you don’t have enough of experience to come up with a guide. For others, mostly Continue reading

Metro in Madrid, how does it work?

Madrid’s metro is one of the biggest in Europe and at the same time very simple (user friendly) and convenient. Using metro in Madrid will save you lots of time as well as money as it cheapest option to move around Continue reading


Review:10 budget places to eat in Tallinn City center

Tallinn has hundreds of places where you can have a fast snack, budget lunch and a fancy expensive dinner. Overall, Tallinn is a city where you can easily survive on 20 EUR a day or less eating out in the city center and the Old Town. In this short guide you will find a list of Top 10 places to go if you want to save money.

Here is the map of all places listed in this article. There are for sure more places to have a good at the same time budget lunch in Tallinn.

View Ten places to eat cheap in Tallinn in a larger map

1. Kebab place in Freedom Square underground pass is one of those usual kebab places you see in every European city. It can be easily found, if you have Freedom monument behind your back turn right and find wide stairs going underground to the road pass and to the parking. It is right apposite AHHAA science museum. You can get your stomach full for 5 EUR, kebab with fries, salad and a soft-drink or water.

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Review: Cafe De Prins in Amsterdam

I have spent 3 days in Amsterdam in the beginning of September. Amsterdam is one of those cities in the world that must be in your Buckets list. To see Amsterdam and die, almost like Paris.

Amsterdam has hundreds of so called brown cafes; bars or beer places that date back to 17th century. Some of those places, such as the famous Hoppe were opened in 1670.

I will for sure get back to Hoppe and some other great brown cafes in Amsterdam, but now I would like to say some words about famous and gorgeous Café De Prins.

Café De Prins is located in Jordaan district. This place used to be working-class neighborhood and has become one the most expensive and precious places to live in the whole Netherlands and of course in the Amsterdam itself.

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