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Review: Kemer Resort Hotel, Turkey

I booked Kemer Resort in July 2010 as a part of “Turkish package”, when everything starting from the flight up to transportation, food, beverages was included in the price of the package. Interesting thing that local Estonian tourist agencies did not offer Kemer Resort; I had to ask for it myself.

Mainly there are 3 big resort places in Turkey – Antalya, Kemer and Bodrum. In Antalya there are more budget hotels and cheaper places to stay, this also brings the quality of hotels and services down. It does not mean that Antalya is a bad place to stay it’s just you will have to look for hotels a bit more.

Bodrum is a high-end resort location and hotels there pretty much all are expensive. Kemer is something between Antalya and Bodrum, still has some cheaper places to stay, maybe not on the coast line. Most of the hotels in Kemer are good quality ones with their own beach zone.

Kemer Resort hotel is first-beach-line hotel which means it has its own beach and own entrance to it, so no other guests besides those who stay in resort. Hotel is located a bit aside from the road with its private back-territory and security guard. Guests from other hotels can’t go inside. This adds more privacy and security to your stay.

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